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sexta-feira, 30 de junho de 2017

J.Leal - THE PARADOX OF FREE WILL - The Matrices of an Imperfect World (English version)


The Matrices of an Imperfect World (Published in three languages)

"Blocked experiences, infantile consciences, body methodically attacked by consciences obscured by inferior spheres which have been there forever."

Watch the video by clicking HERE

A brilliant work proposed by J.Leal!!

And then there's the unsettling question: Are you really guilty? And you will ask:- what does is he talking about?

All the most varied beliefs, both scientific and religious, indicate the guilt of the evils in the Earth to human beings and that they are the matrix of original sin; that the problems of the world are only the result of bad choices made by humanity itself. But, what does if this is a lie? What does if the human being was projected into states of entropy which make him stumble in order to bow before his faults and away from his real power as this humanity has been now? Are there structural errors and external influences to the human understanding which might be cluttering in his vital processes?

This Incredible and blunt Work of researcher J.Leal will answer these questions as no one ever dared to speak, pointing out a series of information that was barely forbidden to us humans.

This Book of liberation is an affront to the controllers of this reality.

This book is a Work you will never forget.

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